We'll change the world together, or we won't change it at all
COVID infection increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest, and more. But while anti-vaxxers falsely claim these deaths as MRNA shot…

January 2023

A few weeks ago, the New York Times called mask-wearers "the last holdouts". This week, the world's richest people went to great lengths to protect…
Unmasked Democrats inexplicably gloat as they join their Republican colleagues in spreading the new COVID variant on national television

December 2022

From election surprises, to travel meltdowns, to sudden deaths, to hospital crises, no one seems to want to say the word "COVID"
As studies pour in showing post-COVID immune system damage, liberals assure us children were harmed by masks
Newly disabled victims of COVID pile high while the left spreads ableist nonsense

November 2022

No amount of evidence will change the mind of a public in deep denial
President Biden promised to end the pandemic; then, he presided over 700,000 deaths
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